Octopus 4.0

Integrated Reservoir Management System

OCTOPUS 4.0 is an artificial intelligence and decision support system, which assists in the choice of optimal drainage plans for petroleum reservoirs. In order to do so, linear and nonlinear restrictions inherent to well allocation are taken into account.

Through the use of a numerical simulation model, OCTOPUS 4.0 maximizes the net present value (NPV) of hydrocarbons in the reservoir, seeking the best well allocation scenario. Then, mathematical methods are used to treat linear and nonlinear restrictions and a module based on genetic algorithms is applied to determine the amount, type (injector or producing), trajectory (vertical, horizontal or directional) and location of the wells. The project’s interface includes windows of system parametrization, visualization of optimization graphics and drainage plans, and unique features created by exploration and production specialists.


Value of Flexibility of Smart Completion in Petroleum Wells

Flexwell aims at proposing, implementing and evaluating a computational model capable of estimating the value of flexibility under uncertainty of the development of oil fields. The objective is to guarantee flexibility when using intelligent wells by creating a model capable of proposing flow control strategies that seek to maximize net present value, considering geological, technical (including equipment failure) or economic uncertainties.

In order for the model to be applied, intelligent completion (IC) is used. IC allows a greater production per well, prevention of gas and well water cones, better control (postponement) of water and gas outbreaks in wells and an increase in reservoir recovery factor. It also allows the reduction of the cost of working wells.

This project was only made possible due to a close collaboration and a scientific and technological cooperation between PETROBRAS, through CENPES / PDGP / SAR, and PUC-Rio, through the Applied Computational Intelligence Laboratory (ICA).

Big Oil

Data Science for Oil and Gas Industries

Big Oil's objective is to provide decision support to Exploration and Production areas with the use of technology and data science methods. Doing so promotes the identification of applications and furthers the adoption of advanced analytics. Through a series of researches, we are able to significantly improve the quality of decisions taken in the areas of oil and gas.