BI Master
Business Intelligence Master

BI Master is an MBA offered by PUC-Rio. We have pioneered Business Intelligence in Brazil and Latin America. Furthermore, our program is continuously being updated in order to reflect the new advances in BI and combine them with the excellence that PUC-Rio has to offer. The focus of our MBA is on machine learning, big data, smart methods, and mathematical and statistical decision support methods.

On-Campus Course
BI Master
Online and Distance Course
BI Master Web

Purpose - Become a reference in teaching quality.

Mission - Teach how to identify applications and suggest solutions for intelligent decision support systems in different areas.

Vision - Reach professionals from all over Brazil and even from other countries.

Free software license

Students learn to use commercial softwares and open source such as Python. They also receive training and free certification in softwares used in computational decision support models such as MATLAB and PALISADE - DecisionTools Suite.

Maximum interactivity

Virtual & Online High-Yield Strategies for Drill & Practice (VOyD) is the platform developed by the ICA team that includes technology features such as holograms, augmented reality and supportive artificial intelligence software for online classes and for tutoring.

Hand-on classes

80% of our classes are hand-on. Teachers provide exercises at every class in order to ensure that students have understood the contact and can apply it to in the most efficient manner. Answers are readily available online and teachers and assistants can be easily reached to answer questions.

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About the BI Master MBA

The BI Master MBA prepares students to analyze and interpret large quantities of data in order to produce innovative and efficient solutions that will benefit all areas of knowledge. As a result, students are able to:

  • Identify challenges, assess risks and devise solutions;
  • Model the solution through decision support and simulation methods;
  • Manage computational development;
  • Calculate, interpret and present results.

The program provides hands on training on how to collect and organize valuable data using state-of-the-art Big Data, Math, Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and other methods of decision support. Students are able to reach innovative conclusions to solve practical problems, making quick and efficient decisions.



On-campus classes take place in the Catholic Pontifical University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) at Gavea. The classes are recorded live and posted on our website so that students can also learn during their free time. The attendance or online rate must be above 75%, as stated by Brazil’s Ministry of Education. 

Online and Distance

Students can decide whether to watch classes live, through the online platform provided by BI Master, or to watch them later, through the recorded version of the classes. BI Master also offers a direct contact between teachers and students. During live classes, students can leave comments or doubts in the online discussion forum. They can also contact teachers and assistants, and take part in videoconferences aimed at solving questions and expanding subjects of interest.

No BI MASTER você participa das aulas como preferir: presencialmente na PUC-Rio, a distância (vídeo-aulas) ou ao vivo pela web. Tudo é gravado e acessível através plataforma do curso para você ver e rever quando quiser.

In both on-campus and online and distance classes you will be able to practice your BI knowledge wherever you are, using your own device. Furthermore, you will be able to participate in classes at home, at work or while traveling, since they are transmitted live. In addition, you will have access to online forums in order to solve your doubts and have teachers frequently providing videoconferences to further discuss your topics of interest.

Both on-campus and online and distance classes are identical in certification, complementary materials, guidance and course duration. Consequently, students from online and distance classes can schedule their attendance in on-campus classes. 


18x R$1.606,00

O curso poderá ser pago em 18 parcelas de R$ 1.606,00, sendo a primeira no ato da matricula e a(s) restante(s) no(s) mes(es) subsequente(s).

O candidato selecionado que efetuar matricula até o dia 12/03 terá desconto de 5% no pagamento à vista ou parcelado. ​

Accepted payment forms: American Express, Elo, Diners, MasterCard, VISA, bank slips and debit cards¹.

¹ only in-person at one of our customer service counters.

ClassesScheduleSubscriptions deadline
Alternate Saturdays8am to 6pm23/03/2019
Tuesdays5pm to 10pm15/07/2019
Sábados alternado8am to 6pm 13/04/2020


  • Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225 Casa XV - Gávea - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
  • Enrollment:
  • Até 13/04/2020
  • Admission:
  • Resultado a partir de: 17/02/2020
  • Registration:
  • 17/02/2020 a 17/04/2020

Enrollment Process

Pela internet – Clique na opção “inscreva-se” 

Telephone – By calling 0800 970 9556

In-person – At one of our establishments at Botafogo, Gávea, Centro or Caxias. If the candidate cannot be present, a representative can be chosen. However, they must carry a Power of Attorney document.


O curso poderá ser pago em 18 parcelas de R$ 1.606,00, sendo a primeira no ato da matrícula e as restantes nos meses subsequentes.

A carga horária do curso é de 360 horas, ao longo de 17 meses.

BI Master is an MBA focused on areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and intelligent mathematical and statistical methods of decision support. The course was designed for all professional fields. BI Master is a unique course due to its hybrid nature which combines technical and scientific methodologies. In addition, the course is offered by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), one of Brazil’s most prestigious universities and an institution of scientific excellence.

The main difference between these two modes is where you will watch the classes since all lessons are broadcasted live. In addition, all students have access to the videoconferences and the solutions to the exercises which are recorded and displayed online.

Students who choose to take online and distance classes can schedule their attendance in on-campus classes.

BI Master is a Lato Sensu postgraduate program for professionals who have already achieved their undergraduate degrees in any field of knowledge and are now looking for a specialization degree in Data Science. It is intended for those who wish to learn about technologically advanced tools which will help them in all decision making processes.

We do not require that you have previous experience in these fields as the content necessary will be taught in class. However, students must be proficient with undergraduate level mathematical operations.

During the course, formulas will be presented to the students as a means of understanding all methods explained. By doing so, they will be able to choose which model to apply, as well as how and why to solve a specific problem.

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Undergraduate diploma or a declaration of completion
  • The complete official transcript of your undergraduate course

These documents must be submitted online.

Candidates who apply on the last day of the deadline, as well as those who apply in-person, should present the documents upon application.

In our admission process, we give careful consideration to each of our applicants. We seek to identify professionals who have a combination of expertise, skills and who wish to innovate. Among the important points considered, are:

  • High school transcript;
  • Graduate, postgraduate and specialization courses;
  • Professional experience;
  • Current position;
  • Applicant's general curriculum (clarity, organization and supporting documents).

Interviews can be scheduled with candidates, if deemed necessary.

Students whose MBA is financed by a company should enroll normally and submit the company’s commitment letter within 3 days to our online system.

Yes, the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro has partnered with several companies and offers monthly discounts to them. The university also offers special courses for groups of companies which are uniquely tailored to fit the company’s needs.

For further information, please contact the e-mail:

Your computer should have the following:

Windows 7 or higher, Core Processor or higher, 4 GB Memory, 250 MB available disk space, Microsoft Office (2007 onwards).

The use of Windows machines and all other requirements above are needed for the installations of softwares such as Evolver, @Risc, Qlikview, and others.

Mac devices can be used as long as they have a Windows virtual machine.